Miti (me-tee) means “trees” in Swahili, the national language of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and the DRC. We chose the name Miti for two reasons: as a reference to the decision trees that form the core of our software, and to ensure that we build a brand that resonates with the people that use it most.

As Miti Health grows, it is important that we remain firmly rooted in the values our organization represents. These values are personal and professional; but most importantly, they are motivational— guiding our people and our decisions everyday. Here are the things that we at Miti Health value most:

UserPut our users first

Make decisions guided by our mission to support healthcare providers who work tirelessly to serve patients with few other options.

GraphUse data to learn and improve quickly

Maintain a relentless focus on data collection, and allow its honest implementation to guide strategic business decisions.

ExperimentEmbrace experimentation and failure

HealthIT is a new space, and we are excited to try new things. Failure is a natural outcome of experimentation, and we welcome it.

TransparencyNever compromise transparency

Don’t hesitate to be honest— with users, with partners, with funders, and with ourselves.

EarBe humble & open-minded

Place an emphasis on listening and understanding before speaking. Always be open to critique and willing to admit when we are wrong.

LeafDesign for simplicity

Keeping things simple demands constant reassessment. We strive to build a user experience that is intuitive and easy to use.

HeartLead by compassionate example

Build a work environment where team members have the support, autonomy, and agency to pursue ideas that support our mission.

DiverseMaintain diversity in team make up

Develop a multidisciplinary team of individuals with a variety of experiences and skills who complement one another well.