Across East Africa, private sector health clinics and pharmacies play a critical, frontline role in providing medical care to millions of patients. These pharmacies often serve as the sole point of care for patients and often are the only source of medication in remote villages when public clinics run out of stocks. However, estimates indicate that 1 in 4 of the pills stocked in these shops are substandard, threatening the quality of care provided to patients.
Miti Health builds and distributes technology solutions to improve private sector healthcare in East Africa. We support small healthcare providers with business management tools and expand patients’ access to affordable, quality medications with a drug testing and certification program using a laboratory that we operate in Western  Kenya.
Our laboratory has conducted initial medication testing efforts showing high failure rates of essential medication.  Using those results, we have begun working with providers in Western Kenya to help them source the best medication available.
Your donation will support our laboratory testing and medication certification efforts, ensuring that good medications, appropriately given, are put in the hands of those that need them most.
Please join us in helping improve care for patients in Kenya and across East Africa!
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