We are on a mission to transform healthcare in Kenya by improving the way that the private sector delivers care in low-income communities.

About Us

Retail pharmacies in Kenya provide the majority of primary care to the bottom of the pyramid, yet 1 in 4 of the medications that they sell are poor quality and these pharmacies lack information to help them purchase better medication and improve patient care.

Miti Health was started in 2013 by a multidisciplinary team from Stanford University.  We are a small, fast-moving social enterprise based in Kenya guided by a belief that leveraging technology and data can drive major improvements in the quality of both medication and primary care. Our mission is to help ensure that patients across Kenya are able to access quality medications from their local healthcare providers.

What We Do

We support Kenya’s private sector healthcare market by ensuring that small clinics and pharmacies are able to access certified quality medications using an innovative mix of technology, lab verification, and mobile-based credit.

Sales + inventory management

Pharmacies and chemists subscribe to our Android tablet-based app to support their business. The point of sale + inventory management system tracks medication sales and provides real-time reports for better ordering decisions.

Medication testing

Our drug quality laboratory in Kisumu tests medication sold in the shops of our chemists, providing accountability to manufacturers and addressing information asymmetries to ensure that patients receive consistently good medication.

Access to mobile credit

In 2016, we will launch a mobile credit product that will use the data generated by our system and lab to recommend reorder quantities and brands for shops, as well as automatically approve chemists for credit based on their sales history.

Partners & Press

Reports & Financials

Please read our 2015 Annual Report by clicking the image.