Ruth Namai

Today’s Q & A is an opportunity to meet one of the key members of our customer service and marketing team, Ruth Namai, who has been with Miti since February 2015.

What can you tell us about yourself and why you started working for Miti Health?

I am originally from Mumias but have been living in Kisumu since December 2014. I’m the second to last born in a luhya family with 8 kids, and ever since childhood I have always loved interacting with people. It is why I really like my position at Miti Health, because I have a chance to spend time with our customers in their chemist shops and build up strong relationship with them.

What kinds of work do you do during a typical day?

I’m responsible for supporting our clients at every stage, from when I first meet them during marketing to working with them to count all their medications as part of the stock take we do to start, to training them on how to use the Miti Health Application and ways it can help improve their businesses.

The trainings are always very interesting because each client is starting from a different spot. Sometimes you meet with a person who has never worked with a tablet before or software or who will tell you that they know nothing about the “the digital world”, and other times a pharmacist will pick it up so quickly. Either way my goal is to always work with them until they have succeeded and it’s such a good feeling once our client totally understands how to use the system in their shops.

But my favourite thing is when our clients are so happy with the system and service that they tell their friends to join as well.

What’s one thing you’ve been able to learn since working with Miti?

Wow, Miti Health has helped me grow in my career, I’ve built a lot of confidence and I’m a much better public speaker now for example.

What do you do during your free times?

One thing I have loved doing since childhood is singing and dancing. Sometimes I refer to that as my second career. I too love lots of traveling and adventure where I have a chance to learn from other cultures.

Ruth at KGLWhat’s your favorite place you’ve been?

I have been able to travel to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi but I think my best moment was when I got to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Even though it’s such a sad place, it’s somewhere I had always wanted to go and see about what really happened.

What are your aspirations in the year to come?

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow with Miti. My work has helped me see how business and technology overlap in really important ways, so I am also interested in going back to school to complete a degree program in Business Information Technology.