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Miti Health is an easy-to-use application that helps streamline your business, improves your productivity, and saves you time to focus on what matters most — your patients.

We have spent countless hours with Kenyan healthcare providers to understand how you work and designed tools to fit needs like that providers like you have identified for us.

Quickly record sales, manage your business and inventory, such as that help generate useful reports, reorder medication efficiently, and receive special offers directly through your Miti Health system.

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Built for Kenyan Providers

Unlike more expensive inventory management systems, Miti is affordable and designed by and for Kenyan chemists.

The system runs on a low-cost Android tablet, and it continues to work even with poor internet and irregular electricity coverage.

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Record and track sales

Miti Health allows you to view the full list of medication and supplies in stock and quickly make sales with our point-of-sale system.

It allows you to let customers pay on credit and accept payment via MPESA.

And after the transaction, it automatically updates the quantity of medication you have in stock.

Use data to make better decisions

Using the Miti Health system, you can easily monitor your existing inventory and receive alerts when stocks are low.

Set automatic reorder reminders and keep records of all your sales summaries and purchase orders.

Monitor which products are selling fastest and track your profits on a daily basis.

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Reorder quickly from a range of suppliers

Miti Health works with your existing suppliers to make reordering easy.

Send orders to your current vendors directly over the Miti Health system without using airtime.

Receive special offers from licensed wholesalers in your area and see at-a-glance who will deliver directly to you or allow you to order on credit.

Our team has experience spanning technology, healthcare, and supply chain management to provide the support that you need most for your business.

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